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Brewers without a brewery...

Our journey begins from Laconiki Brewery near the ancient city of Sparta, which was also the birthplace of one our favorites – The one-off «Uncle Jam's Brewhouse Tales» project.

Being a true nomadic brewery, we now produce our beers at several facilities all over Greece, namely, Chios Microbrewery, Alea Brewing Co, 33 Brewing Company and more

Uncompromising by default...

Strange Brew began with a vision to change the beer status quo in Greece, a place where basic macro lager seemed the only option.


Experimenting with the propagation of numerous liquid & dry yeast strains, introducing mixed fermentation techniques and developing an exciting barrel aging program, Strange Brew sets the tone for the emerging Greek craft beer scene!


Ready for the next step...

As production grows, along with our lust for further experimentation, the nomadic brewing state can barely accomplish our vision. The time comes closer for us to move forward, so be patient, good times are ahead!


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