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A cross between a Dry Stout and an Imperial Stout with a fruitier, less roasty profile influenced by the Tropical Stout sub-genre. Notes: Coffee, dark chocolate, mocha, dried red fruits. 

Her story:

Mandy Black, was an English pirate born in late 1600’s, who became famous for attacking the King’s ships, stealing the Stout barrels exported to the British Empire’s colonial territories in the New World.

She was the daughter of a pub owner in a small harbor town at southwest England, who was known for brewing excellent house ales, especially porters and stouts, which were highly appreciated by ship crews and harbor workers. So much so, that one day the Duke of Cornwall himself stepped in his pub to taste the renowned Stout ale. As the story goes, the Duke liked the beer so much, that he ordered his soldiers to capture the owner and take him back to his palace, along with all the barrels, so that he would brew only for his highness from that point on. Mandy was 14, and managed to escape captivity (or maybe death), jumping on a sailing ship to the British America.

While in the Caribbean, Mandy began mingling with pirates in the local taverns. Finally she met a captain willing to take her on board to work at the ship’s galley, but after his death on a combat with the Royal Navy, she became the captain herself, having earned the respect of the crew for her bravery and fierce temper. In the following years Mandy became famous for attacking English ships, stealing the stout barrels intended for the colonial provinces, letting people drink them freely, at the pirate’s bay. It is believed that this association with stout beer is the reason behind the nickname “Black” – others insist it comes from her black hair and outfit. It is also said that it was Mandy the first to brew beer in the Caribbean, introducing a style of stout which was less roasty and much fruitier, something that later developed to be a Tropical Stout.

Although little is known about her death, her legacy remains at those parts of the world and as the harbor men still say when they have a pint of Stout: “Here’s to you Mandy Black!”



Hops: Styrian Wolf, Magnum

Mandy Black

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