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Uncle Jam's Tale #10 : Balkan Desert Imperial Stout

Meltum - December 21

The second travel abroad, this time in Bulgaria for a Balkan treaty with the lads at Meltum Brewery. A pastry stout with cinammon, vanilla, orange peel & star anise always keeps it fun!

Tropiki Session IPA

LOT51 - June 2021

A beer created for our friends at LOT51, one of the best all-day bars in town! Light, fragrant and aromatic beer that brings the tropics downtown!


Agkathia Prickly Pear Gose

SOLO - April 2021

Our second time at the always friendly island of Crete, this time in Heraklio, at SOLO brewery, for yet another experimentation. A beautiful Gose-style sour, with organic prickly pears. We loved it!

Krampus Winter Ale

Polkadot Design - December 2020

A special release with our graphic design partners Polkadot Design. A winter ale influenced by a traditional greek Christmas treat called melomakarono. Warm, sweet and satisfying, with huge notes of caramel, cinamon, vanilla and orange, a true festive beer!


Chloe Unity Lager

Alea Brewing Co. - June 2020

Our core lager to this day and the first permanent collab in Greece, with our buddies from Alea Brewing Co. The beer was named after the brewery's semi-feral housecat, which was always present during the brainstrorming for the recipe. A true craft lager, conditioned for 6 weeks, unfiltered & unpasteurised, just the way we like it!

Uncle Jam's Tale of Chaos

ΧΑΟΣ Brews - February 2020

This collab is a big "Welcome" to a new craft brewery from Crete, namely ΧΑΟΣ (Chaos) Brews. An intense hazy IPA, brewed with our favorite hops. Huge tropical aroma, with a more traditional bitter finish, the perfect get-to-know-us beer for our taste!

The Wizard.jpg

The Wizard Imperial Stout

Midnight Circus, Dark Crops - February 2020

With this release, along with 2 other greek nomad breweries, Midnight Circus and Dark Crops, we wanted to celebrate the 50th Anniversary from the release of the 1st Black Sabbath album, which gave birth to Heavy Metal genre. So we accordingly brewed a heavy, dark Imperial Stout, not designed for the pop culture consumer! The beer was brewed at our second home, Alea Brewing Co. brewery. 

Hazy Disco Athens

Pinta - January 2020

The first beer travel abroad finds us in Poland, to the beautiful brewery of BROWAR Pinta, a staple craft beer producer in the country. Not having the rusty laws concerning beer production that are in place here in Greece, we couldn't go for something conventional. This time we brewed a Pastry Sour IPA, with coconut, vanilla, apricot, passionfruit & lactose sugar!  A unique chance to work in an advanced brewery and a great experience overall. 


Overpeaching Sour IPA

KYKAO Handcrafted - December 2019

Another travel to Patra, another release with the masters of experimentation, our good friends KYKAO handcrafted. A Sour IPA, one of the first in Greece, with peach puree, showcases our desire to take the next step and introduce something not familiar to the greek beer drinker.

Hidden Pearl IPA

Blame The Sun - October 19

Our second collab, with our later neighbours at Koukaki. An easy going IPA, with grapefruit, extremely refreshing that represents both our styles.


Elina's Collab!

KYKAO, Beeramatistirio, Elina - May 2019

Our first collaboration and probably the most unique, since Elina's IPA recipe was the unanymous winner of the 1st Homebrew Challenge we co-hosted with homebrew supply shop Beeramatistirio. With 35+ contestants, Elina's IPA managed to take the 1st place both from the judges and the fans, so we brewed her recipe together at KYKAO Handcrafted microbrewery. A 4-way collab among friends, what's not to love?