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Oatmeal Hazy IPA 6,5%

collab w/ Hop Hooligans

The time has come to unveil the brand new beer that we brewed at Bucharest along with the mighty Hop Hooligans.

An Oatmeal Hazy IPA with unbelievable amounts of oats that gives that one and only chewy mouthfeel, very intense for that crushable 6,5% ABV IPA.

Sabro and Cashmere hops contribute to that feeling with their intense sweet fruit and coconut character, while Idaho 7 and El Dorado give that extra citrusy kick that makes it much more complex.

This beer will be sold out in a few days so hurry up! It might reappear in the near future though... 

oat of ideas 1.jpg

IPA 6,5% Abv.

Oat of Ideas 

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