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Brewers without a brewery, we are here to feed your head with strange brews and unique flavors​​​!

Strange Brew was established in late 2015, when three friends and homebrewers decided that plastic buckets were no longer enough. The brand officially introduced itself  to the fans of craft beer on May 2017, with its flagship Jasmine IPA. Since then, this magnificent nomadic trip went on and on making stops at various breweries all over Greece and abroad.

Support craft beer, support Strange Brew!

Who We Are

Craft beer is all about quality and flavor, but it also stands for community. We shared the same goals from the very beginning: Brewing exciting beer and manifest our core purpose - to bring people together! We've done quite a few collab beers, events and venues with other Greek and foreign breweries, a unique feature of the craft beer movement, with more to come.


In our Taproom, apart from our own beers, you can also find all the good stuff the local beer scene has to offer, plus we often host the works of artists and creators of various crafts. Most important, we are there to talk directly, exchange ideas and opinions in an honest attempt to promote the community spirit. 


What We Do

Strange Brew began with a vision to change the beer status quo in Greece, a place where basic macro lager seemed the only option. Experimenting with the propagation of numerous liquid & dry yeast strains, introducing mixed fermentation techniques and developing an exciting barrel aging program, Strange Brew sets the tone for the emerging Greek craft beer scene!

The Taproom

In May 2019, two years after our first release, Strange Brew finally found a home. Our own Strange Brew Taproom & Bottleshop is located in the beautiful neighborhood of Koukaki, near the Acropolis Museum, in downtown Athens. 10 Taps hosting our beers, plus anything new and exciting from other Greek and foreign microbreweries. You can also find a big selection of bottles and cans for sit-in tasting or takeaway!


Our Beers

Our beers are split into two categories: The core line and the "special" projects, supplemented by frequent collaborations. Regarding the core beers, our flagship «Jasmine» IPA was first brewed in 2017 and can now be found at many hip bars in town, «Dr. Haze», «Mandy Black», «Hay Joe» and our permanent collaboration with Alea Brewing Co. «Chloe Unity Lager", followed in her footsteps.

As for the other projects, we started with the Uncle Jam's Brewhouse Tales, our one-off project, which purpose is to combine different styles, instant ideas, new recipes or older ones revisited in a creative jam, just like a rock band. The difference is that guitar solos, bass & drum interplay  are replaced with pots, malts, hops and colors!

The second and most recent project is our long planned barrel aging program: The Cellar Jams, where we brew more demading and unusual beers and then age them in ex-wine, whiskey, or tsipouro barrels, depending on the style. Patience is the key!

Finally, let's not forget about the craft beer trademark: Collabs! 

We have traveled all over the country and abroad to meet and brew beers with friends in Patra, Crete, Poland, Bulgaria with a lot more to come! A unique aspect of the global craft beer scene and probably the best side of our job.



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Falirou 86, Koukaki Athens

Open 18:00 - 01:00

Tel: +30 2109232146

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